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10.1%European Union European Union
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6.9%China China
6.9%Japan Japan
5.6%Cote D Cote D'Ivoire
4.4%Pakistan Pakistan
3.1%United Kingdom United Kingdom
2.5%India India
1.8%Sierra Leone Sierra Leone

Today: 4
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Last Week: 28
This Month: 120
Last Month: 154
Total: 1454

About Smorgasbord

Smorgasbord was created and is developed by Matthan John Gray; a young minister whose desire it is to present the scriptures in a concise manner. Born and raised in New Zealand, a beautiful and scenic nation in the southern hemisphere, Matthan has spent much of his life studying and teaching the Bible with passion and enthusiasm, and loves to explore the multi-layers of revelation hidden in the Bible.

Having entered the ministry in 2002, Matthan has gradually grown as a teacher of the Gospel whose style of preaching is direct and beneficial to the listener; his Smorgasbord website was envisioned and created after much prayer and consideration concerning his heart’s desire of sharing the truth of God's Word to the world.

Matthan has dedicated his life to the diligent study of the scriptures, and has filtered the content of Smorgasbord through the message of Brother Branham (Malachi 4: 5). The purpose and objective of Smorgasbord is to present Christ to the reader and to see the lives of many enjoined in a restored relationship between God and man.


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